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Bothongo Agriculture GP Pty Ltd

Our portfolio includes:

Cattle Farming –

Our cattle farming operation is going from strength to strength.  Seen below are some pictures of our current herd sires. We are rapidly growing our Grass fed cattle operation with aim to produce only grass fed beef off the veld without supplementing any grain. This is the reasons why we are only using mainly Indigenous African Beef Cattle breeds with which we aim to produce top quality beef for the consumer. Our aim is to grow our oxen on the veld until they are ready for the butcher. The aim is to eventually supply our own Butchery which will form part of our fresh market.



We are planning to start with high density grazing in the next two years in order to make better use of our environment and at the same time maintaining our motto of “Low input sustainable livestock farming”. Making use of mainly Indigenous African Cattle Breeds it helps us to cut down on input costs but at the same time maintaining a high quality, healthy product for the consumer.



Black Boer Goat Business Venture –

One of our new business ventures is breeding Black Boer goats. We have started with a small flock and it is growing quickly. We are very excited about this venture as there are very few of the breed in South Africa. They are indigenous, well adapted, carry a lot of good meat, and is extremely fertile. The breed should also appeal to wide market including future export markets.

Black Boer goats
Black Boer goats
Black Boer goats 6

Horse Project –


We have started a horse project, first to do horse patrols and secondly in future to do horse trails. The horses are fitting in well and is doing a stout job! What an exciting idea to be able to view 17 different species off game on horseback on a stretch of 500 hectares.

Lusern Production venture –

During the last year we have started lusern production in the Northern Cape. Producing export quality lusern from the Rietriver Irrigation Scheme on 113 ha deep sandy soil mainly for export but also to supply top quality feed to the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve and to our Game Farms near Lanseria. We are looking to expand on this project in future.

Lusern Production
Lusern Production venture 3
Lusern Production venture 1
Lusern Production venture 4