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Bothongo Hygiene Solutions UK

Bothongo Hygiene Solutions UK Ltd is the latest health and hygiene brand of the Bothongo Group in the UK. Our focus is on providing a complete range of disinfection products to eliminate pathogens and support a strong cleaning regime. Anzupp Pro from Bothongo Hygiene Solutions UK LTD is a range of quality sanitising products manufactured in the UK, and are certified EN 14476:2013 and EN 14476A:2019. Anzupp Pro products were one of the first products certified effective in the UK against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Bothongo Hygiene Solutions is the new name of Healthguard Hygiene. Over the past year, our global footprint has grown in line with the world’s need for hygiene products. To consolidate our brand presence in our various markets and to ensure a consistent positioning, we have rebranded to reinforce our association with the Bothongo Group.

Bothongo Hygiene Solutions UK Ltd


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