Bothongo Group Mattress Handover Release

The Grade Rs at Impumelelo Educare Centre in Kanana Park south of Johannesburg will get to take their naps on comfortable new mattresses this winter thanks to the Bothongo Group.

Handing over the mattresses to school principal Marjory Xoseka, Emmah Lamola of the KBF recalled how they had first met the children of Impumelelo at a Mandela Day event at the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve in 2018. The children had a day to remember and a lasting friendship was born.

When the Bothongo Group heard that the Grade Rs didn’t have mattresses for nap time, they got to work and ordered 50 specially made new mattresses for them.

At the event on April 16 just in time for Easter, the children also received Easter eggs as well as specially knitted beanies in the class colours from Johannesburg businesswoman Gita Nicolatos, who helped Marjory found Impumelelo in 2008.

The children showed off their best singing and dancing moves for the visitors before receiving their mattresses. After all of that activity, a quick nap was in order. Two classes of tired and happy little people stretched out on the floor in comfort as their teachers looked on. Winter is coming, but thanks to the Bothongo Group, it’s going to be much more comfortable for everyone at Impumelelo Educare Centre.