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A pick of our BIG and unique outdoor filming and photo shoot locations for rent around Gauteng

Our property locations are suitable for outdoor activities. Land is available for filming from agriculture, wildlife, bush airstrip, to the Bothongo Wondercave, Cradle Bike Park, a River Cabin and various other properties as well as a Charter jet aircraft; along with our friendly staff who will assist you with any auxiliary services such as security, catering and in certain circumstances accommodation.

We understand that Filmmakers are looking for all kinds of properties and we are able to offer world-class industry infrastructure, recognised expertise about all the properties, and a wide range of locations.

Please contact Marketing Jessica or Malefa on +27 11 467-7870

The following properties are available for renting to film crews:

The Rhino Lion Nature Reserve


We have land within the Cradle of Humankind (a world heritage site) where you are able to photograph or film in African bushveld and grassland along with wildlife including all types of big game, predators, small animals, plains game, and birds of prey.

The Cradle of Humankind is unique in that since 1947, there have been great scientific discoveries, which have been a breakthrough in the search for the origins of humankind. These include a 3,3 million year old ancestor of humankind, stone tools dating back some 2 million years and the world’s most perfect pre-human skull ever found- affectionately known as Mrs Ples.

We have in excess of 650 heads of game, including some very rare and endangered species. We offer to the public guided game drives, vulture hide, hippo pools, wildlife breeding centre, snake and reptile park, animal rehabilitation centre and even a cheetah talk.

Feel the rush of adrenaline as you approach the ultimate predator in our open game viewers under the watchful eye of our experienced guides. Drives can be done to suite your requirements during day light hours or for the nocturnal lovers a night drive.

Please note that our wildlife are not trained for video shoots. Our animals are wild.

Filming in the bushveldt

Gauteng Lions

The Bothongo Wondercave

Praying Mary at the Wondercave

The “Praying Mary”

The Bothongo Wondercave


Within the Rhino Lion property we have the Bothongo Wondercave which is in Kromdraai, Gauteng, South Africa. The cave is the third-largest cave chamber in the country, and is believed to be about 2.2 billion years old. The single chamber has an area of 46,000 square metres (500,000 sq ft), and is 125 by 154 metres (410 by 505 ft).

The cave was discovered by Italian miners in 1898. They mined out approximately 15% from the formation and brought them to the surface. The formation consist of calcite which they placed in a self built oven for 2 week about 1100 degrees. This formed a powder which was taken by ox wagon to Pretoria & Johannesburg to make cement, toothpaste, use to extract gold and the like. Mining was stopped in 1902 due to the outbreak of war and low productivity. This is the 3rd largest chamber in South Africa, the largest being Cango Caves and second largest Sudwala Caves.

The cave also has magnificent dripstone formations that are still growing today! You will also see natural flowstone sculptures such as stalagmites and stalactites with the largest formation measuring 15m in length and weighing 50 tons. In the Northern Chamber, you will find a natural pool that looks like the font you’d expect to find at a shrine.

The River Cabin


Hire the perfect country venue for occasions and festivals. A short drive from Fourways and Randburg, The River Cabin is an ideal setting for special celebrations.

Picture your perfect day at The River Cabin amidst whispering trees, with views across sweeping lawns to the banks of a streaming river. From weddings to festivals and birthday parties. The River Cabin offers flexible packages for every kind of event.

Festival at the River Cabin

River Cabin Weddings

The River Cabin
The River Cabin

The River frontage

We pride ourselves on creating the most memorable wholesome social experiences for our guests. We take into consideration what you are looking for in your photo-shoot, what you want to achieve and vast event planning experience to not only create an event but an experience.